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Fortnite Today Item Shop - 2022-12-06
Here is the current item shop for Fortnite Battle Royale - updates daily at 00:00 UTC.

Check all cosmetic to see more details of Fortnite Outfits, Pickaxes, Gliders & All cosmetics of Fortnite Battle Royale. If you’ve got a pocket full of V bucks in Battle Royale you know where to go. The latest skins and cosmetic items for today, await your sight in the Fortnite item shop today.

Fortunately, Fortnite’s item shop stays in rotation and updates daily. Thus players can have access to a rejuvenated list of cosmetics in the Fortnite item shop every day. Don't worry if you missed out on the cosmetic items that were updated previously.

You can head over to the official website and take a look at the cosmetic items from the previous day anytime during the 24 hrs. window. Now let’s find out what today's item shop has in store for you. Might want to keep an eye out for the Wonder Woman Bundle in the item shop today!
Fortnite Item Shop Today
In the item shop you can spend your V bucks on wraps, emotes, battle pass tiers, gliders, contrails, starter packs, harvesting tools and special bundles. Like usual days Fortnite item shop right now has been mainly divided into two major sections. These two sections are the Daily section and the Featured section.

Featured Section

The Featured section usually consists of gliders, emotes, skins that have unique status or are brand new. Thus all items are mostly of rare, legendary, or epic status.

Daily Section

he items in the daily section are the ones that make a return in Fortnite every now and then. You’ll rarely find a legendary item in the Daily section. Don’t forget that this section sets around 0:00 UTC everyday! Apart from the two discussed above. There are some special sections that appear on specific days. Those are as follows;

Fortnite Crew Pack

This section is as old as Chapter 2’s launch. Mainly this captures the peak interest of people that have monthly subscription worth $11.99. The crew pack usually consists of an exclusive outfit and some matching cosmetic items.

Limited Time Offers section

This section features starter packs and bundles. Fortunately, the starter packs cost as low as $4. On the contrary, bundles can be somewhere around the range of $15-$30.

Community Choice

This is an interactive section where players can vote and root for a particular outfit. It only appears every now and then  The voting time ends after 24 hours. The winning outfit can then make a return for an entire day. Additionally the community can also access matching backbling and other cosmetics in the featured or daily section.


So what’s take on the glider, back bling, and harvesting tool in the current Fortnite item shop? Do let us know in the comments where you’ll be spending your precious V bucks. If things weren’t as appealing as you expected; you might want to wait until the next 24 hours for the next update. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more!